#loveitchopit DSP Chopping

So yesterday I stumbled across an amazing Australian Demo Kylie Bertucci who suggested something utterly terrifying… cutting up my beloved 12 x 12 dsp. I watched the video in horror but realised what she was saying was completely true. I buy dsp because I love the patterns but it arrives and sits on the shelf because I’m scared to cut it up or waste it. So yesterday I followed her plan and started cutting which actually felt amazing. I followed the link she suggested for  Sarah Berry Case inserts and decided I loved the idea. I felt like I had loads more options and that having the colours listed made it so much easier to use.

SO after using Sarah’s inserts I decided I wanted to put all my papers away like this but needed inserts so set about making some more. I have added a section to my blog Useful Links/ DSP cases  and have shared some of what I have made so far I will keep adding as I go. If there is anything specific you are after let me know and I’ll see what I can do. I really recommend you watching some of Kylie’s videos as its surprising what a difference #loveitchopit can make.bubbles and fizz

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